the James Nolan Construction process 

We are a firm believer in partnering and the motivating force partnering can have on a project. Developing trust with a team where each member looks for ways to help the other, promotes the best kind of collaboration and ALL PARTIES benefits.

The construction staffing consists of an experienced team integrated into their projects during design and prior to construction commencing. We believe this up front staffing, more than pays for itself with the planning, coordination and thorough understanding of the projects before a single spade of dirt is removed from site. 


Subcontractor pus our own internal team submittals, site drawings, RFI’s and coordination questions are prioritised and are scheduled utilising lean construction techniques and reverse planning scenarios. We require all parties to think out further than they are used to, get their buy in and hold them accountable for sequence, sched­ule, production, quality and memorialise these commitments with the subcontractor ownership, all before the start of construction.

We have weekly Project Director / site manager meetings and specialty subcontractor coordination meetings (as needed) and include the subcontractors PM’s to confirm the commitment of resources to the proj­ect. Realistic schedules are provided at a 6 week look ahead level coordinated by area, item and duration and all tying back to the master project schedule.


James Nolan Construction strongly encourages a relationship based team approach to commitments and believes that face time is the best way to get intended results. Our Construction Managers and PM’s are highly skilled in the art of getting the most of a team member and genuinely consider their success. This is achieved by prudent planning, interaction, experience and respect.

cost control

Budget accountability is the responsibility of our Project Managers. They manage the budget & work with the clients team to review and control costs on a monthly basis or at shorter intervals as required. Our in house accounting department provides all cost reporting for our Project Managers and clients at all monthly reviews, make payments to subcontractors, as well as formalise request for payment to the clients / funders.

quality of the project

Quality control represents a mindset that is the responsibility of all members of the team. It is each individual’s duty to fully understand their area of responsibility and to be accountable for achieving the highest level of quality from the initial design to the final installation. We use a multi-stepped construction quality control protocol to aid us achieve the best possible results for your project.

project safety

Dedicated certified safety officers, competent in the aspects of construction for which they will oversee are assigned to every project. JNC Safety personnel conduct job site ongoing H&S site surveys, activity hazard analysis reviews, safety audits, training and safety management. Every worker on the site is processed through the safety officer inspection team. These officers have the authority to stop any work at any time and remove personnel from the project with immediate effect.


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